David Henningsen

Organizational / Corporate Communication
IRB chair

Office: Reavis Hall 113
Office Phone: 815-753-7012
Email: dhennin1@niu.edu


(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, J.D. University of Wisconsin)

Specialty: Group Decision Making, Interpersonal Communication, Social Influence.

Profile: I focus primarily on using a scientific approach to understanding human behavior. I have examined topics such as deception, flirting, and group decision making.

Office Hours

MWF 8:55-9:55

Updated: Monday September 2nd 11:33 am

Teaching Schedule

MWF: 10:00-10:50, COMS 402

MWF: 11:00-11:50 COMS 402

MWF: 1:00-1:50 COMS 370

Updated: Monday September 2nd 11:34 am

Latest Publications

Henningsen, D. D., Henningsen, M. L. M., McWorthy, E., McWorthy, C., McWorthy, L. (2011) Exploring the effects of sex and mode of presentation in perceptions of dating goals in video-dating. Journal of Communication, 61, 641-658.

Henningsen, D. D. & Henningsen, M. L. M. (2011). Testing Error Management Theory: Exploring the Commitment Skepticism Bias and the Sexual Overperception Bia. Human Communication Research, 14, 31-38.

Carpenter, C. J. & Henningsen, D. D. (2011). The effect of passive verb constructed arguments on persuasion. Communication Research Reports, 28, 52-61.

Henningsen, D. D., Serewicz, M. C., & Carpenter, C. (2009). Predictors of comforting communication in romantic relationships. International Journal of Communication, 3, 351-368.